When you receive the lightweight, collapsible parts in the compact and handy shipping container, you will have a peaceful, intimate feeling because you know that you are rendering a most meaningful service by your own hands. When the assembly is completed, the Eternity Cardboard Casket allows you to have a special feeling of achievement and tribute to the deceased. You can even express your feelings by writing messages on or inside the casket. This should be a great consolation to mitigate your sadness. These innovative and eco-friendly features are consonant with 21st century environmental concerns as well as with traditional religious and ethnic values.

Easy to transport to a funeral home: If you have a small car, pre-assemble the two lids and pillow, leaving the base in its original folded shape. The final fold and lock procedures are in one step and can be done at the funeral home.

Consult with your funeral director if you wish to have the shipment delivered to the funeral home.